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  • The Law of Polarity - David Neagle shows you an extraordinarily easy, yet profoundly powerful exercise.
  • This simple, yet powerful exercise has the power to take you from struggle to prosperity, worry to peace, mediocre to exceptional. And in the blink of an eye.
  • This Law of Polarity exercise shows you the hidden-in-plain-sight solution to any problem facing you now.
  • Your blind-spots are revealed and illuminated through this exercise.
  • Transform your fear of “not enough money” into a life filled with ‘more than enough!’

Dear Friends,

Success is not about "getting" or "achieving" anything. True success is about who you must BE in order to manifest your heart’s desires.

It doesn’t take luck (or even “smarts” or “genius”) to up-level your life, it doesn't take luck to breakthrough ... it doesn't take luck to reach your next big goal ... it just takes your desire to grow…

In this four-part More Than Enough video series, Million Dollar Acceleration Mentor David Neagle show’s you exactly what it takes for you to break through the lack and limitation of your own mind that is holding you back.

This More Than Enough video-series is about BEING, DOING, and HAVING so much more than “just enough, it’s about BEING and HAVING exceptional abundance.”

So often people are just getting by ... Or stretch themselves only far enough to just pay their bills, with nothing left over ...

If you desire so much more freedom than you have now—more cash flow, more clients, more opportunities— these More Than Enough videos will show you how to pry-open the floodgates and unleash wealth into your life.

Some people think these Universal Laws are a bunch of woo-woo magic.

But the reality is there are a ton of fabulously successful people who are using these Universal Principles for all sorts of breakthroughs…health, wealth, relationships, and spiritual freedom.

The simple exercise David Neagle shows you in this video helped RJon Robins. He had a massive breakthrough in his How To Manage A Small Law Firm business.

RJon turned his anxiety and anguish about finances, his “money curse” into the success and wealth he deserves.

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